From Model T To 4G: How Connectivity Is Revolutionising The Car


Editor’s note: Pavan Mathew is the Global Head of Connected Car at Telefónica.

The car industry is on the verge of its biggest transformation in over a century. Connected cars are set to revolutionise the car as we know it, with the overall number of vehicles with built-in connectivity expected to make up 90 per cent of the total market by 2020. Not since the Model T Ford became the first mass-produced car in 1908 has the automotive industry been faced with such a seismic shift in the way cars are manufactured, sold, and consumed.

Until now, the term ‘connected car’ has largely been an industry buzzword, but it looks as though we’re finally at a point of inflection. Recent research suggests consumers are more than ready to embrace the connected car revolution too, with 80 per cent of consumers believing in-car connectivity will provide the same kind of connected…

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