#Cluetrain Derailed!

Social Media Marketing 4 Business

The Cluetrain is derailed.

Last Spring Adage pronounced that „There is no more social media marketing: just advertising.“ The article announced a new era of #NotReallySocialMediaMarketing and went on to proclaim:

„The idealistic end to business as usual, as „The Cluetrain Manifesto“ envisioned, never happened. We didn’t reach the finish line. We didn’t even come close. After a promising start — a glimmer of hope — we’re back to business as usual.“

I love Big Brother

My first social media marketing class was Spring 2012. It was a brand new class – there were no syllabi online to crib, so I built the course fresh with the help of my Twitter friends. I proclaimed that „marketers must drop the megaphone – broadcasting or shouting at customers and prospects is dead! We must engage and have a CONVERSATION.“ Our group projects were to work with organizations to show them how…

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