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UnknownI am taking part in a „Terrorism and Terrorist Threat“ course being offered by Dr. LaFree through Coursera and the University of Maryland (UMD). If you don’t know, Dr. LaFree heads the Study Of Terrorism and Response to Terrorism (START) center at UMD. It is a great program, through which one can gain access to hundreds of thousands of terrorism related records covering events all over the world. This is an awesome resources for a data scientist.

main-qimg-f749682d70ca1557df5aef528b0aee0cAny ways, part of the course requires forum participation and one of those forums was on „Why Do We Study Terrorism – Surprise Myths.“ Dr. LaFree covers nine particularly interesting myths often associated with terrorism, one being that most terrorist attacks use sophisticated weapons, when in fact they do not.

However, in doing so I made this observation:

Dr. LaFree stated that most terrorist attacks „rely on non-sophisticated, readily available“ weapons. This sounds logical…

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