Wirtschaftsministerium nominiert 12 Städte als Digital Hubs – Südwesten gut vertreten

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Digital Hub Initiative des BMWi Digital Hub Initiative des BMWi

Die Leiterin des Bundesministeriums für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) Bundeswirtschaftsministerin Zypries hat im Rahmen der Digital Hub Initiative7 weitere Städte auf Empfehlung eines Expertenbeirats als Digital Hub nominiert, so dass das volle Dutzend erreicht ist (Quelle: Pressemitteilung des BMWi).

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The Age of Social Media: What Does It Mean for Public Relations?

PR Gumbo

The age of social infrastructure platforms has enabled anybody and everybody to have a voice, and to use that voice to communicate far and wide.  This phenomenon has further defined the breadth and depth of responsibilities for PR professionals.  The skills required are not unlike a few referenced by Denise in her recent post „How Switching From Journalism to Public Relations Made Me a Better Communicator“ on PR Gumbo. Herewith are some additional thoughts on the essential roles and responsibilities of today’s public relations professional in the age of ubiquitous and asynchronous communications.

  • PR practitioners are no longer gate keepers as they were a decade or so ago between their companies and the media.  PR professionals are activists seeking to engage, enlighten, and energize an organization’s many stakeholders.
  • PR professionals advocate not just for their organizations, but also for their organization’s constituents and stakeholders, which adds the important role of…

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