The Age of Social Media: What Does It Mean for Public Relations?

PR Gumbo

The age of social infrastructure platforms has enabled anybody and everybody to have a voice, and to use that voice to communicate far and wide.  This phenomenon has further defined the breadth and depth of responsibilities for PR professionals.  The skills required are not unlike a few referenced by Denise in her recent post „How Switching From Journalism to Public Relations Made Me a Better Communicator“ on PR Gumbo. Herewith are some additional thoughts on the essential roles and responsibilities of today’s public relations professional in the age of ubiquitous and asynchronous communications.

  • PR practitioners are no longer gate keepers as they were a decade or so ago between their companies and the media.  PR professionals are activists seeking to engage, enlighten, and energize an organization’s many stakeholders.
  • PR professionals advocate not just for their organizations, but also for their organization’s constituents and stakeholders, which adds the important role of…

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